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Would like to introduce GT KOREA & GT CHINA, GT KOREA was founded since 2010 & GTCHINA was founded since 2014, we just started with only Reducers but We are now making repeat development into another machine designing parts and into electronics & controller parts so, we surely call ourself Synthesis Automation Company. We are now handling PLC-centered controller but we have been preparing PC-basis controllers(motion controllers including Raspberry Pi. It will be prepared very soon.

We have two companies, one is in Seoul, GTKOREA, The other one is in Shanghai, GTCHINA. Two companies are each independent ones, Any Korean companies does not have this kind of company concept to do business and then The owner of GTKOREA & GTCHINA, Kim JinSoo, He can speak such a good English and such a good Chinese and then he is an expert of Technology, both of Machine designing & Electronics controllers, What we want to say is this is different concept from other companies.

GT KOREA is in Korea to do best, GT CHINA is in Shanghai to do best.

This means we are so positively preparing to lead the future of Automation Industry.

These everything is a only purpose to have the value of Customers raised.


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